Play in solo : hunting the lion

Here's a little solo scenario (for change), I speak for a while. That is a rite of passage for young Masai warriors before they enter in adulthood.

This scenario is intended to be played with the rules of Legends of the Old West, but you can easily adapt to any other rules from GW. Furthermore, I give at the end of the scenario the possibility to play it with a rule from THW (Chain Reaction, for example).

Lion hunting

The game requires 1 miniature of a lion male and 3 females.

The player has 1D3+2 (ie between 3 and 5) young Masai warriors.
In addition, you'll need one dispersion dice (which can be purchased at GW), but a pencil that is rotated can also be the case ...


The playing area (80 x 80 is more than enough) is covered with tall grass, some trees (eg baobabs...) and some rocks. The male lion is positioned at the center of the gaming table.

The females are placed at random: the player rolls 3D6 + dispersion dice for each miniature of lioness and positions depending on the outcome of the dice (the 3D6 are in inches), starting from the male. A "Hit" indicates that the lioness is placed next to the lion in the direction indicated by the arrow.

Once the lions are placed, the player chooses an edge of the playing area and deploys, as he wishes, his warriors to a depth of 8ps (20cm).

Automatic management of the lions

The lions are moved once the player has finished moving its Masai.

At the beginning of the game, the lions are considered "at rest". They won't attack  since the characters will be more than 12ps (30cm):
  • The male lion does not move until a character approaching him in less than 12ps.
  • The lioness move 1D6ps + dispersion dice. A "hit" indicates that the lioness stays in place. A lioness does not get less than 12ps of a character: its movement is stopped at this point.

If an animal is less than 12ps of one or more characters, it becomes "threatening":
  • If this is the male lion, it stays in place
  • If it is a lioness, she moves to 1D6ps to the character(s) in question (the closest if they are many). Its movement is stopped at 8ps.

If the character move back to the lions, they will return "at rest" during their next turn.

If a lion is attacked, they all become "aggressive":
  • All the lions move 2D6ps to the character that has attacked a lion (the closest if they are many)
  • If a lion comes in contact with a character, resolve a melee with the characteristics below.
It is impossible to calm the lions that become aggressive.

The lions may have to perform a test of morale. If one of its congeners is present within a radius of 12ps, a lion has a moral value of 5, otherwise it is 3.


Lions use the following characteristics:
S    F     St    G     A     W    P
-     5     4     4     2      2    3 (5)

They use their claws and fangs, characteristics are taken into account in the profile given above.

The Masai use the following characteristics:
S      F     St     G     A     W     P
6+   3      3      3     1     1      3

They use spears as throw weapon and for melee, and shields.

Range = 8ps, Strength = user, move penalty = none, special = blown away.

Save on 5+ on a 90° angle to the front of the figurine. The fights are conducted as if they were done through an obstacle.

The player wins the game if he successes to kill the male and if his warriors success to leave the gaming area.

Play with Chain Reaction

Use the Chain Reaction engine changes the way of playing the scenario. Here you can keep the rules of automatic lions and / or use the "first sight" checks to leave the system deal in part the behavior of lions.

Lions are REP 4 and use their claws and fangs, only for melee: target 1, impact 3, outgun rating: 3 (even for brave Masai, a lion is still impressive!).

The Masai REP may be 3 or a random REP: roll 1D6, on 1-2, the character will be REP 2, on 3-4, REP 3; on 5-6, REP 4.

The Masai are equipped with a shield (which counts as a protection in the rules system) and a spear, used as a throw weapon and for melee: target 1, impact 2, outgun rating: 1.

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