The Beast of Gevaudan : uncovered !

This scenario is inspired from the movie "brotherhood of the wolf"... but here, we don't know where and when the Beast will arise.


The Beast is in fact manipulated by criminals, hided in the Tenazeyre woods and who use it to assuage the worst desires. A little group of men has found their tracks and, listen to their courage,preparing to put an end to the activities of criminals.

Like the first scenario, "the hunt", this game uses a densely wooded area. A lodge or the entrance of a cavern or any other place where criminals have found refuge is placed in the middle of the game area.

The group of defenders includes the Beast and 4 characters (the criminals) : 1 of REP 4 and 3 of REP 3. All can be regardless equipped of a black powder rifle or pistol and all are equipped of close weapons. These characters are placed in a rayon of 8" of the refuge or inside it. The Beast will come later in the game.

The attackers (a group of adventurers or of gendarmes) includes 6 characters : 1 of REP 5, 2 of REP 4 and 3 of REP 3. All can be regardless equipped of black powder rifle or pistol and all are equipped of close weapons. Any of the REP 3 characters can be changed for a horse for the characters of best REP.

The attackers can be divided in groups of 2 to 6 characters. Every group can be placed on a different side of the game area.

Length and conditions of victory
The game continues during 5 turns. When the 5 turns are done, if the Beast and criminals are killed, that's a major victory for the adventurers. If only the criminals or the Beast are killed, that's a minor victory for the adventurers. Last, if nor the criminals nor the Beast are killed, the defenders are victorious.

Special rules
The Beast comes in play in a aleatory moment of the game. For all turns from the second, after determinate activation scores, the defender rolls 1D6 : if the result is less or equal the the current turn (ie : 1 or 2 for the second turn, 1, 2 or 3 for the third turn...), he must do enter the Beast in the game.

To do this, he places it immediately wherever he want on the game area, but at least 16" of any attackers. These ones, if they have a line of sight to the Beast, must roll a first sight check. The Beast can be activated in the same turn of its apparition.

Play in solo
If this scenario is played in solo, defenders will stay as far as possible around their refuge, using it to runaway if possible.

The Beast will come in play close to the refuge of the criminals, with the limitation to be at least 16" of any attackers. From its first activation, it does "fast moves" to the most dangerous attacker (the closest with the higher REP) to charge him in melee. If it goes victorious of the close attack, it continues to do so for the rest of the attackers.

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